Drum Theatre 2022 Season - July - December

Drum Theatre 2022 Season

We welcome you back to the beautiful Drum Theatre for part two of Season 2022. We are excited to bring you more exceptional events, experiences, and entertainment to connect with friends and your community in 2022.

If you made it to one of our 17 season program performances in the first half of the year or visited one of the many activities that are run by the community in the venue, you will have noticed a buzz of excitement in the air! Live performance is back and it brings people together. If you haven’t been to the Drum for a while, you are bound to find a reason to pop in and explore, catch up with friends or bring the family for school holiday activities.

This season (July - December 2022) brings more professional live performances with national tours by leading performance companies, comedy, music and shows for children and families.

The 2022 Greater Dandenong Children’s Festival will host a variety of workshops and performances at the Drum, much of which will be free.

The Drum’s initiative to showcase artists, Our Beat, is gathering momentum with not-to-be-missed performances by local artists from the South East including dancers, singers, hip hop artists and poets.

It is an experience you will not get anywhere else and it’s on every month. It’s free so come and support these local artists and be a part of this unique event.

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